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Canadians do battle in Europe!

by Jonathan Moxness

Jeff Olynek and I just came back from a two week combat workshop in Estonia where we teamed up with some amazing Europeans and got our “fight” on!

The advanced side of the workshop was focused on the acting beats that exist in a fight. We used knife work, martial arts, and Rapiers to experiment with changing the “beats” to tell different stories.

Also, with old Action Playground enthusiasm, we choreographed a 4 person comedic swashbuckle fight for pure fun! Thanks to our new European friends you can be excited about an upcoming Action Playground episode, Euro style!

Check out the fun we had.

Fire Whip

by Jonathan Moxness

Don't try this at home...try it at your friend's home!

This is me doing some fire whip in the back alley behind my buddy’s house.

Tasha – Joe Media Film Shoot

by Jonathan Moxness

Just finished a fun weekend of filming on Tasha, a short film produced by Joe Media Group! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, I get to play one of the recently “infected”!