Super-Power-Showdown-Thumb Super-Power-Showdown

Super Power Showdown

Action Playground presents Super Power Showdown, a video full of fighting, lightning, and fancy energy force balls! Magic mutant powers collide in this deadly energy fight! Check out our Facebook Pg at: and follow us on Twitter @ActionPlayG Starring Jonathan Purvis and Jeffrey Olynek Direction and FX by Jonathan Moxness Edited by Jonathan Purvis Production Assistance by Kyle Robson Read More ››

Tourist Trap

Action Playground presents Tourist Trap, an 80s(ish) styled fight scene in a strange stone room, against bad guys in sweat pants and funny hats! Complete with cheesy plot, cheesy music, and a freeze-frame! Shot in Viljandi Estonia during the Nordic Stage Fight Society’s summer workshop. Directed by Jonathan Purvis and Jeffrey Olynek Director of Photography: Kaire Russ Fight Coordinator: Klaus Messerschmidt Hjuler Starring: – Jonathan Purvis – Jeffrey Olynek – Laura Nõlvak – Johannes Eilertsen – Jürgen Wenzel – Simon Manns – Peppe Östensson Editing by Jonathan Purvis Music by Jonathan Moxness Read More ››


Bad Use of a Super Power

Action Playground presents Bad Use of a Super Power, a video full of fighting on a sprung floor, fighting around a balance beam, and fighting in a foam pit! Complete with trampolines, and a random super-power! Check out our Facebook Pg at: and follow us on Twitter @ActionPlayG Direction, FX, and music by Jonathan Moxness Picture and Sound by Jonathan Purvis Starring Jonathan Purvis, Jeffrey Olynek, Jessica Nottell and Hilde Veronika Høie. Thanks to Kyle Robson for helping us shoot the video! Thanks to Robyn Fox for letting us shoot in such a fun location! Drum Loops from... Read More ››


Henchman in a Box

Action Playground presents Henchman in a Box, a video complete with video game antics, male rivalry, and of course a Henchman in a Box! Full of action, backstabbing, and Jonathan Purvis getting beat up. Read More ››

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Portal Fight

Action Playground presents Portal Fight, a video filled to the brim with portals, guns, action, fighting and even a couple grenades! Hopefully some of you Portal gamer fans will get the inside jokes we threw in! Read More ››


Thug Fighter

Action Playground, with the help of Riot Act, bring you “Thug Fighter;” the gamer’s imagination of how to deal with being mugged; complete with swords, axes, combo kills, and Wolverine claws! Shot in Toronto, we got our friends at Riot Act to lend us their expertise with acting, weapons, and choreography! Tyler Williams of Eye of the Storm Pictures did all the cinematography. Click Here to check out more of his stuff! Directing by Jonathan Purvis Editing, Music, FX by Jonathan Moxness Read More ››


Action Playground Outtakes – First Five Videos

Action Playground presents bloopers and outtakes from our first five videos. Hilarity ensues with guns, fists and nerf swords in failed action video awesomeness. Hope you enjoy our mistakes, and if you haven’t checked out each of the videos, you can click on the lower right annotation at any time to view the video that the bloopers are from! Read More ››

Live Action Video Game Death Match

Player 1 (Jonathan Purvis) is in the process of a prison-break when he is confronted by an opponent hell-bent on a death match! We had access to some cool live effects from our friend Sheldon so we decided to create a video-game style fight, complete with heads-up-display inventory! Read More ››


When Guns Go Bad

I find out what it’s like to fire guns with odd and unexpected ammo. Thanks to Kyle Robson and Mumtaz Adatia for helping me shoot this video and for supplying the arsenal! Kyle shot the video, with music and fx by me. Read More ››

Granola Fight to the Death

Jonathan Purvis and Jeffrey Olynek showdown in the park for some of the highest stakes imaginable…? This video actually started with the idea of creating a fight that contained no landed hits until the end; all intended hits are trapped, blocked, or avoided by the opponent. Special thanks to Kyle Robson and Elizabeth Macdonald for their help during shooting! Read More ››

Attack of the Clones!

When Jonathan Purvis is bitten by a strange unknown creature, clones start appearing; and when clones appear, there’s only one solution…annihilation! This video started as the idea: what kind of video can we create with only two people? This is what we came up with! (granted, Elizabeth MacDonald helped us out with one shot) Most of the music is by me, Jonathan Moxness (one song is from Video Copilot‘s “Pro Scores”). Read More ››

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Nerf Sword Fight

This video was shot one lovely Sunday afternoon (that was far too nice to be spending it inside) at the residence of Jeffrey Olynek. I wanted to shoot a video using the awesome foam swords (and axe) that Nerf came out with, and thought…wouldn’t it be great if these foam weapons were as dangerous as real ones? So this is what we came up with! If you like this video subscribe to our channel on Youtube! **Behind the scenes tidbit**(Spoiler Alert) In the shot where Jonathan Purvis turns to camera to cut off my arm, he actually hit the... Read More ››