The Team

Jonathan Moxness

Months ago, Jonathan Moxness was found wandering aimlessly through the streets by a group of well-to-do civilians. After brief questioning on whether or not he was a zombie, Jonathan replied by eating their brains. Now with his combined super-brain and undead zombie powers, he directs, edits, composites, and scores action videos on Youtube, with hopes of one day bridging the gap of inequality between the living, and the undead. To view his demo reels check out his personal website

Jonathan Purvis

Jonathan Purvis hails from a realm known only as Jontopia. Within this realm, the laws of gravity do not function, everyone is in a constant state of combat, and one can travel the entire length of the world in a matter of minutes. It is no wonder then that Jonathan Purvis sometimes has troubles adjusting to the harsh realities here on Earth. The Action Playground videos have provided him with a catharsis of his Jontopian instincts, allowing him to flourish and thrive as both an Actor and a stunt combatant! Check out his acting profile on his website

Jeffrey Olynek

After finding out he had an evil twin brother, Jeffrey Olynek set out on a quest to destroy this abomination. Traveling through shadow and flame, he eventually located his maleficent sibling and the two battled for days. On the 3rd day Jeff defeated his evil twin, but at a cost…a piece of the twin would live inside him. It is said that, by chewing gum, Jeff’s evil twin will be released once more to wreak havoc on the world. And so, to avoid temptation, Jeff spends his time spinning fire and acting in videos with Action Playground!

Kyle Robson

From a young age Kyle either had a gun or a camera in his grip. From epic movies for his Radio Control YouTube channel RobscoRC, to hunting and tactical combat training, he can shoot just about anything.

He turned his camera experience from hobby to career late in high school with a camera operator job for a TV station. Now working on movie sets for Hollywood productions including “Hell on Wheels” and “The Bourne Legacy” Kyle has a hard time fitting everything in daily life, but he always makes time for Action Playground!