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5 Tips for Making Kick-A$$ Film Fights

by Jonathan Moxness

Wether you’re shooting videos for Youtube or big-budget Hollywood films, these 5 simple techniques will help transform your next onscreen fight into the stuff of legend! (Please note that this advice is to help enhance your combat skills, not...

Someone Should Make This! – METROID the Movie

by Jonathan Moxness

There are many franchises that Hollywood has adapted for the silver screen, some of which have worked, more of which have not. Of the franchises that have not worked, many started as video games; BloodRayne, Street Fighter, Doom, and...

Think Like a Secret Agent

by Jeff Olynek

So like every good boy who has watched movies during his lifetime, I’ve taken note of how to be a better undercover secret agent and every now and then I get the opportunity to exercise my mad spy skills....

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