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Attack of the Clones!

by Jonathan Moxness

When Jonathan Purvis is bitten by a strange unknown creature, clones start appearing; and when clones appear, there’s only one solution…annihilation! This video started as the idea: what kind of video can we create with only two people? This...

Nerf Sword Fight

by Jonathan Moxness

This video was shot one lovely Sunday afternoon (that was far too nice to be spending it inside) at the residence of Jeffrey Olynek. I wanted to shoot a video using the awesome foam swords (and axe) that Nerf...

Tasha – Joe Media Film Shoot

by Jonathan Moxness

Just finished a fun weekend of filming on Tasha, a short film produced by Joe Media Group! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, I get to play one of the recently “infected”!

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