World War Z Review

by Jonathan Moxness

Earlier this week I got the chance to check out World War Z and unlike some zombie fans, I was not looking forward to this film. The trailers reminded me more of the lame CG-ness of I am Legend than the scary zombie apocalypse of 28 Days Later. Luckily at the theatre I was pleasantly surprised! So let’s delve into what you should be excited and worried about as you decide whether or not World War Z is worth the price of admission!
world war z World War Z Review

The Good:

  • Exceptional Sequences: Though at times you can feel chapter markers of the source material seeping through (I’ve not read the book, so I don’t know this for sure), overall the sequences in this film are truly enjoyable. As Gerry (Pitt) journeys across the globe, we are presented with new problems, new characters, and new experiences that you just want to soak in like some post-apocalyptic sponge.
  • Tight Pacing: Not once during this film did I find myself wondering when we were going to get to the good stuff. The whole film was tightly knit, moving from one exciting problem to the next.
  • Brad Pitt: He’s likeable, capable, and gives us the caliber of performance we have come to expect from him. Not much else to say.
  • Sense of Danger and Suspense: As Hollywood blockbusters use more and more visual effects to destroy more and more buildings/cities/landscapes, the sense of danger is getting more and more lost in the rubble. With the copious amounts of destruction in films like Man of Steel, or INSERT 2013 SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER TITLE HERE, we often get the spectacle but are lacking in the emotional connection to the danger we are witnessing onscreen. Fortunately with World War Z, we feel this sense of danger throughout; a necessary ingredient for a good zombie film.

The Bad:

  • Trailer Spoilers: With so many fx-heavy blockbusters, the marketers of this film felt they needed to fight fire with fire by showcasing their own visual effects prowess (or lack thereof depending on your opinion) in their trailers. There are some setpieces displayed in the trailers that spoil certain moments in the film. Quite frankly these same trailer moments are the exact reason why I wasn’t jonesing to see this film in the first place (looked too much like an effects-driven spectacle than a good zombie film). Now they’re not unforgiveable spoilers, but they are spoilers none-the-less, and their exclusion from the trailers would have made the first viewing experience more exciting.
  • Weird Science: I understand the excitement from a filmmaking perspective of being able to create literally waves of zombies, the problems with this concept, however, are too obvious to ignore. First: I don’t care how reanimated of a corpse you are, if you are part of a zombie tidal wave, the broken bones you will incur will render you immobile. So unless the zombies are animated by magic…this tactic would render the hoards of undead rather useless rather quickly. Now that problem I can forgive slightly due to the fact that it was still cool to watch a wave of zombies come crashing through a street.
    world war z bus World War Z Review
    The second problem is unfortunately unforgiveable and where I must also give a SPOILER ALERT warning: Just because the zombies aren’t targeting the terminally ill, doesn’t mean they’ll avoid them at all costs. This is simple stampede logic. If a wolf scares a herd of cattle and they begin to stampede, just because you’re not a wolf, doesn’t mean you won’t be trampled to death if you walk in front of those cows. The zombies aren’t targeting buses either, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from completely destroying and overturning a bus as they pursue their single-minded focus of infecting the healthy people on the other side of it. Either the zombies move in waves destroying everything in their path, or they avoid certain people at all costs…not both.
  • The Ending: Unfortunately the ending left a lot to be desired. It felt like the film ended too quickly because there was no payoff to some of the larger setups made in the beginning of the film (among other things). I feel like I should spoil it here for you…but I won’t. I will simply say, when it comes to the end…expect to be left with a feeling of disappointment. This is the sole reason why this film receives a 3.5 rating from me instead of a 4.5.

Playground Meter:

Though not perfect, World War Z delivered some decent zombie fun which is why I’m giving this film a Playground Meter rating of 3.5 out of 5.
playground meter 3 and 1 half World War Z Review

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Stay-tuned for more as we prepare for each blockbuster Action film coming our way this summer and speculate on whether or not you should be excited or worried!

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