Someone Should Make This! – METROID the Movie

by Jonathan Moxness
Image by Sebartz of DeviantArt.

Image by Sebartz of DeviantArt.

There are many franchises that Hollywood has adapted for the silver screen, some of which have worked, more of which have not. Of the franchises that have not worked, many started as video games; BloodRayne, Street Fighter, Doom, and who can forget Super Mario Bros?…apparently most people. But I believe that if there’s one gaming franchise that’s begging to be adapted into a great film, it’s Nintendo’s Metroid.

Metroid follows Samus Aran, a female intergalactic bounty hunter who explores different worlds while defeating monsters and space pirates with her kick-ass power suit!

Why would this make a good film?
A proper Metroid film should be, “Aliens meets Iron Man.”

You have the strong feminine lead, space exploration, and monstrous alien encounters of Aliens, coupled with the high-tech power-suit, lone wolf concepts of Iron Man. What’s not to like? We could follow Samus as she investigates an infested planet, or learn about how and why she became a bounty hunter…or better yet, do both at the same time!

Samus Aran is also one of the few female protagonists to successfully headline a video game, making this franchise a great opportunity to branch out from the primarily male-dominated sci-fi film genre and showcase an awesome female heroine. If a Metroid film were to fail, the reason would not be the antiquated belief that, “the predominantly male audience of this genre aren’t interested in a female heroine,” or “a woman can’t sustain a sci-fi film;” rather it would fail because the story wasn’t written properly, the casting was wrong, or the direction sucked.

So who should make it?
This isn’t the first time a Metroid film idea has been put on the table. In fact, the rights have been optioned twice before, once by director John Woo who was slated to release a film in 2006 through his studio Tiger Hill Games1. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of John Woo), that never seemed to pan out.

So who are the perfect people today to bring Metroid to the big-screen?

Joss Whedon should direct this. Now I know he’s probably bogged down with Disney creating Avenger’s sequels until he dies or the world ends (which would likely lead to the former), but he is the perfect candidate for this film. He has extensive experience with creating engaging female protagonists (see Buffy), he can create fun and memorable sci-fi action (see The Avengers), and he has experience with exploring the wonders and dangers of space (see Firefly/Serenity).

You could argue that J.J. Abrams has the same qualifications (Alias, Mission Impossible III, and Star Trek), but with his recent attachment to the Star Wars franchise, I’d like to see someone else take us on Samus’ journey in the final frontier.

Since Joss Whedon should direct, it only makes sense to me to pair him together with Drew Goddard and get them to co-write this film. Goddard and Whedon have a rapport with each other, having co-written numerous episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as The Cabin in the Woods. Goddard’s other writing endeavours are not too shabby either including Cloverfield, Lost, and Alias (wait…what was that about J.J. Abrams again?…). Before I post their entire IMDB writing credits, just go check them out for yourself, you’ll see why they should make this.

I’ve spent the last few months watching Fringe on Netflix, and when I think “who should play Samus?” I immediately picture Anna Torv. Torv’s portrayal(s) of Fringe agent Olivia Dunham showcases her charismatic ability to hold a story, as well as a mature mystique that would be perfect for a hardened bounty hunter like Samus. And bonus: she fits the bill of Samus as an attractive blonde!


As long as Nintendo can put the past (the Super Mario Bros. movie debacle) behind them and hand over the controls to an experienced creative film team, Metroid can become a great film! So what are they waiting for?!?! Someone should make this!!!

Got different thoughts, post ’em below! Who would you like to direct and star in a Metroid film?

Check-Out the trailer of Nintendo’s most recent incarnation of Samus: Metroid Other M

1 – Justin Calvert (2004-04-07). “John Woo options Metroid movie”

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