Be Prepared – Iron Man 3

by Jonathan Moxness

With the blockbuster season just around the corner, it’s important to know what you’re in for, and where you should be spending those well-earned dineros! It’s time to use some deductive reasoning to figure out whether or not we should be excited for what’s in store. First up…

Iron Man 3 – May 3

iron man 3 Be Prepared   Iron Man 3

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What to Be Excited About:

  • Marvel Phase 2: This is the first film of Marvel’s Phase 2 since the Avengers, and as such, is sure to pack a punch! Not too mention Joss Whedon has already seen it and given his own indirect stamp of approval by saying “Now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in Avengers 2?”.
  • Director Shane Black: A fresh director to the franchise, that directed Robert Downey Jr. in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Yes please.
  • Lots of Iron Man suits: Aside from Downey Jr’s banter, the Iron Man tech has been one of the most fun aspects of this franchise. The fact that we get lots more of that makes me giddy!
  • Tony Stark’s Nightmares: Making the rockstar that is Tony Stark suffer from post-traumatic stress is intriguing to say the least. Judging from the trailers, this is a prominent storyline that the film’s villain, The Mandarin, will exploit.

What to Be Worried About:

  • Ben Kingsley: Yes the guy can act…but he can also be a petulant, child-like villain (see: Prince of Persia)
  • Lots of Iron Man suits: This is a situation where, “Too much of a good thing,” may apply. As long as there is a good reason for all of these suits, I can get onboard. My main concern is: if the tech is this easily replicable (as it was in Iron Man 2), then maybe the franchise should be called Iron Men, not Iron Man.

What to Watch to Prepare:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s no superhero film, but it will give you a good idea of what to expect when director Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr. team up!

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Stay-tuned for more as we prepare for each blockbuster Action film coming our way this summer and speculate on whether or not you should be excited or worried! Next up: Star Trek Into Darkness!

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