Be Prepared – After Earth

by Jonathan Moxness

Now that the summer blockbuster season is upon us, it’s important to know what you’re in for, and where you should be spending those well-earned dineros! It’s time to use some Action Playground reasoning to figure out whether or not we should be excited for what’s in store!

After Earth – May 31

after earth Be Prepared   After Earth

Playground Meter:

playground meter 2 and 1 half Be Prepared   After Earth

What to Be Excited About:

  • Will Smith: There are only a few stars that possess the same calibre of blockbuster draw as Will Smith. He’s the Fresh Prince, Ali, a Bad Boy, and one of the Men in Black. In fact, if his name wasn’t in the billing for this film…you’d probably be looking at a Playground Meter rating of 1 and a half.
  • Young Will Smith: With the Karate Kid, Jaden Smith proved he can hold his own and lead a film, possessing many of the same acting traits as his father. Now it seems that daddy Smith is grooming young Jaden to continue his legacy not only as a lead, but as the summer blockbuster king. The question is will Shyamalan’s film be Jaden’s vehicle to super-stardom?

What to Be Worried About:

  • M. Night Shyamalan: “OMG the 6th Sense is amazing!” That’s a quote you would’ve heard 14 years ago, when that film came out. Unfortunately since his breakthrough feature, Shyamalan has made Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, The Happening, and The Last Air Bender. With each subsequent film being worse than its predecessor (check it out on Rotten Tomatoes), it’s hard to be optimistic about this newest endeavour.
  • The Premise: Everything has evolved to kill humans, which is why humans no longer live on Earth. Did you really need to make everything evolve to kill humans? In fact, making everything hyper-evolved to kill humans would probably really mess-up the ecosystem (especially after all the humans have left). ‘Course I’m not an evolutionologist…
  • Strange Accents: Watch the trailer, and try to figure out what accents the Smiths have. Maybe it’s a future accent created from the new melting pot of humanity that no longer lives on Earth. Even so…it sounds a bit silly.
  • Too Much Mediocre CGI: It’s the sabre-tooth tiger that really got me here.

What to Watch to Prepare:

Go and watch Independence Day, then watch Signs. Now imagine what Independence Day would have been like if it turned out that the aliens could just be killed with water.

Source: MovieClips Trailers

Stay-tuned for more as we prepare for each blockbuster Action film coming our way this summer and speculate on whether or not you should be excited or worried!

Action Playground Meter Rating System

Playground Meter Rating System Be Prepared   After Earth

Jonathan Moxness

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