10 Most Memorable Fight Moves

by Jonathan Moxness
Image by Syan-jin of DeviantArt

Image by Syan-jin of DeviantArt

This is a list of the 10 most memorable fight moves to be seen onscreen, either in a film or video game (unfortunately no TV shows made it). These aren’t necessarily the coolest moves, as you’ll notice some of the best action/fight stars didn’t even make the list. Rather, these are the most memorable moves; moves that you could mention to the vast majority of action/fight film enthusiasts and they would know exactly what you’re talking about!

(SPOILERS may ensue)

10. Achilles Jumpy Stab – Troy

Achilles’ signature move not only looks cool, but cements in our brain how formidable of a fighter he is as he takes down the enormous Boagrius with a single stab.

9. Falcon Punch – Captain Falcon/Super Smash Bros.

If I had a dollar for every time I was killed by a Falcon Punch in Super Smash Bros. …I’d be able to pay someone else to write this article! Unfortunately I played as Donkey Kong, which meant a lot of losing to Kirby, Link, and the Falcon.

The Falcon Punch made the list because it’s such a powerful, yet slow build-up move, it’s embarrassing when you’re hit by it. And it’s almost as if Falcon is providing his own news-bite one-liner describing exactly how you will die: “Falcon Punch!”

Check out these two funny YouTube parodies involving the Falcon Punch:
This is why Falcon Punch is not a Toy
Falcon Punch Execution

8. Five Finger Palm Exploding Heart Technique – Kill Bill Vol. 2

Throughout Kill Bill Vol. 2 we are graced with memorable moves, from the eye-pluck, to the 3-inch punch. But it’s the final move that takes cake and makes it on to this list.

7. Crane Kick – Karate Kid

Anyone who’s seen this film knows this move, and if you’re too young to know this film…just mention it to a child of the 80s and they’ll do a demo just for you. (just make sure that whoever you’re asking has a decent sense of balance, and isn’t wearing tight jeans. Wait…on second thought forget that and just film them, then post it on Youtube!)

6. “I’m Not Left-Handed” – The Princess Bride

Now this might be more of a line of dialogue than a move, but it’s included because the fighters DO have to switch sword hands in order for the line to pay-off. And boy, is it ever a fun payoff!

5. Ear Punch – Fight Club

video language NSFW

Another Brad Pit film makes the top 10, and the biggest reason: Who hits someone in the ear!? This hilarious moment marks the beginning of Ed Norton’s spiraling journey into “Fight Club,” and makes you think, “Yeah…it probably really hurts to get punched in the ear!”

4. “Get Over Here!” – Scorpion in Mortal Kombat

Though Mortal Kombat houses an entire spectrum of memorable moves, there’s one move that trumps them all and that’s Scorpion’s spear-throw “Get Over Here!” That catch phrase is one of the most memorable lines to grace a video game. In fact, when I was 10 years old, I was in Norway at a relative’s house, fishing on the shoreline (bear with me here), and like any good 10-yr-old Mortal Kombat fan, I shouted “Get Over Here!” every time I cast my line in the water. It made me feel cool and I thought nobody was listening. Not so. My Norwegian cousin comes over 5 minutes later and says, “Scorpion huh? Nice!”
That’s right. This move created a bonding experience for me in my childhood that spanned countries!

Watch Scorpion fight Johnny Cage in the original Mortal Kombat film:
Johnny Cage vs Scorpion

3. Indy Shoots Swordsman – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Who knew that Harrison Ford’s heat exhaustion would create one of the most memorable fight moments in cinema history? Apparently Spielberg, as he agreed to scrap the planned fight choreography after an exhausted Ford suggested to “…just shoot the bastard.”


2. “This is Sparta!” – Leonidas in 300

You heard of the saying “Don’t shoot the messenger,” right? Well so did Leonidas…however, unfortunately no one told him “Don’t kick the messenger into an open well.”

This iconic moment spawned a series of internet memes, and made every teenage boy leave the theatre wanting to shout at something before kicking it down a large hole. I’d say it deserves the number 2 spot.

1. Bullet Time Dodge – Neo in The Matrix

Neo flails into the number one spot because even people who have never seen The Matrix, understand where this move comes from. The ground-breaking bullet-time technique allows us to see, in mind-blowing detail, the irrefutable evidence that Neo is indeed The One!

Honourable Mentions:
Shoryuken – Ryu in Street Fighter
Triple Arrow Shots – Legolas in The Fellowship of the Ring
Aerial Cartwheel – Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace
“Let’s Dance” Ballbreaker Move – Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat
Sword in the Board – Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean
Double Knee to the Chest – Ping (Tony Jaa) in Ong Bak (also most of the knees/elbows in this movie)
Kick to the Head – Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

Got your own favourite moves you thought should’ve made it on the list? Let us know, post below!

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