Portal Fight

by Jonathan Moxness

Action Playground presents Portal Fight, a video filled to the brim with portals, guns, action, fighting and even a couple grenades! Hopefully some of you Portal gamer fans will get the inside jokes we threw in!

Jonathan Purvis – The Guy fighting everyone
Jeffrey Olynek – The Guy shooting the Portals, stunt double
Malcolm Overend – Freddie: The Guy who shot himself
Natasha Strickey – The Girl who gets shot by her friend
Sean Allen – The Guy with the mask
Miles Ringsred – The Guy used as a human shield.
Aaron Zeffer – The First Reinforcement to die.
Berkeley Pickell – The Second Reinforcement to die.
Nicole Yanchak – The Girl with the Uzi.
Kyle Robson – The Guy with the shotgun who gets blown up by his own grenade
Yoseph Zuback – The Guy who is also blown up by the shotgun Guy’s grenade.

Jonathan Moxness – Director, Producer, Editor, Compositor, Music Composer/Mixer
Jonathan Purvis – Producer, Co-Director, Sound Editor
Malcolm Overend – Portal Asset Creation, Compositing, Stills Photography, Camera Work
Kyle Robson (RobscoRC) – Camera work, firearms master
Kaz Nagao – Production Assistant, Additional Stills Photography

Big Special Thanks to David Shaw and Kial Natale of Megasteakman for creating a portal gun for us!

Special Thanks:
Ric Bentkowski (ACA Productions), Greg Jeffs (William F Whites)

Music loops used from Looperman by:

Jonathan Moxness

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