Henchman in a Box

by Jonathan Moxness

Action Playground presents Henchman in a Box, a video complete with video game antics, male rivalry, and of course a Henchman in a Box! Full of action, backstabbing, and Jonathan Purvis getting beat up.

We shot this video at our friend Kyle Robson‘s place in about 3 hrs.

SPOILER: Before we smashed Jon through the table, we scored the table so that it would break apart easier. Unfortunately Mumtaz, Kyle’s wife, didn’t know this, and didn’t even realize that this table wasn’t her regular coffee table. So she leaned on it and broke it before we got the shot. We had to then tape up the table and prop it up with some pop-cans underneath so that it looked relatively normal before Jon went smashing through it; the trials of filmmaking!

Direction and FX by Jonathan Moxness
Edited by Jonathan Purvis

Jonathan Purvis, Jeffrey Olynek, and Kristoffer Moxness (as the henchman).

Thanks to Kyle Robson for lending us his guns, gear, and living room!

Jonathan Moxness

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