Action Playground Outtakes – First Five Videos

by Jonathan Moxness

Action Playground presents bloopers and outtakes from our first five videos. Hilarity ensues with guns, fists and nerf swords in failed action video awesomeness.

Hope you enjoy our mistakes, and if you haven’t checked out each of the videos, you can click on the lower right annotation at any time to view the video that the bloopers are from!

Cast & Crew:

Jonathan Moxness – Director, Cam Op, Editor, VFX, Actor (When Guns Go Bad, Ultimate Nerf Sword Fight)

Jonathan Purvis – Actor (Attack of the Clones!, Ultimate Nerf Sword Fight, Granola Fight to the Death, Live Action Video Game Style Death Match)

Jeffrey Olynek – Actor (Attack of the Clones, Granola Fight to the Death)

Sheldon Maxwell – Actor & Practical FX (Live Action Video Game Death Match)

Alana Hawley – Actor (Live Action Video Game Death Match)

Kyle Robson – Cam Op & Firearms Master (When Guns Go Bad)

Elizabeth MacDonald – Production Assistant (Attack of the Clones!, Granola Fight to the Death)

Mumtaz Adatia – Production Assistant (When Guns Go Bad)

Jonathan Moxness

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